Last Day...

...not of the year. Lol. But of my internship. How is it already four months?! Anyway, I am thankful. What did I learn? Well, for one it is absolutely great to try out different things. At least you know which works for you and which doesn't. I know for sure now that I have, I am, and will  probably always be uninterested in the finance world. Sitting behind a computer, and manipulating excel-sheets is boring as hell. Lord have mercy. How do bankers and people in that field cope? Arghh. I also know I am still very interested in research. Of course, writing is kinda like le first love. So I was cool with that. I also know working on/with social media isn't half bad. Yeah, I did all of that and more. Lol. Cool times.

I will miss the delicious cappuccino. Yum. The only reason I even took coffee on cold mornings was because we had a Keurig machine at work. I don't know if I'll still take as much coffee after I leave. Did I make friends? NO. Surprise surprise...not. I did have an amazing supervisor. She was just really kind to me. Apart from the brief NYSC stint I did back in Nigeria (Mshewww), I have been blessed with very kind bosses so far. I had really annoying bosses in the school where I was supposed to be teaching voluntarily in Nigeria, smh.  Anyway, thank God for the favor he continually bestows on me.
My favorite thing on my desk.

Another phase is over. As this year comes to an end, several phases in my life also are coming to end. But that's great because I am trusting God for much more better things to come.

For everything that has a beginning, there is an end.

Blessed is the end of a thing, that the beginning thereof.

Wait, 'everything'? Marriage too? Lol. Just Kidding.


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