On Suicide and Depression

I stumbled on a Nigerian girl's blog recently. I was reading her posts, and was really intrigued by her personality. I thought she was eccentric, especially for a Nigerian her age (late twenties). Then I found out she was a lesbian. Okay. And then I read a post where she talked about being attracted to her friend's Mom. She described an incidence that involved the woman and herself, and she mentioned the sexual tension that existed. In details too. I felt my food in my mouth. Yeah, I think I gagged. I mean, her friend's Mom! People were really excited in the comments section though, talking about 'give us more' 'how could you stop there now' 'omg suspense' 'tell us what happened jor'. So maybe I am just different. But common, your friend's mother? Fine, to each his own.

Anyway, to more important issues on her blog. She had mentioned that she dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts in the past. Now that she was over that, she told her parents about it, just to see their reaction plus to foster communication (I guess). Their reply blew even me off. She said they were silent on it at first for the first few days, and then much later said something like "Be copying everything in America oh" I paraphrased that. Typical Naija parents? Lol. Of which people commented that they weren't surprised at her parents' reaction, since that's how Nigerians behave anyway. AH I was surprised as hell.

I have typical Naija parents too. The usual disciplined, strict type. However, God forbid I ever have severe depression, and I told them. I am not sure they will just wave it off as something petty. Now, forget depression, GOD FORBID I ever became suicidal, and I told them. AH, I know for sure, it will be a pretty big deal. Suicide is such a big deal, and it's so sad many Nigerians don't yet see it as that, a big deal. Some of the most seemingly happy persons have gone on to kill themselves. Unfortunately, we feel "Nigerians love life too much to end it themselves." I hear you, but these things still happen. Thankfully, the above lady is doing great now. She saw a therapist...she's doing much better anyway.

Maybe I don't even know what I'm talking about, and perhaps my parents are really that 'typical' Lol. Unfortunately, there WILL NEVER be a way to find out. Because see, even if I just asked them to see their reaction, and later explained I was joking...the parents me I know will be too frantic to even hear the 'I was joking' part. LOL. Especially my Mom. Nah uh. I love them too much to give them a heart attack. Suici gini?

I just wished it wasn't something seen as trivial. I understand the sexual orientation of the above lady contributed to her parents' reaction. They must have thought, first, that and then now, this. Lol. Also granted, in Nigeria life is structured in a way that doesn't really allow for suicide. I mean even a really poor person probably lives in a face me I face you*. With all that goes on in a face me I face you, how will a person still end up depressed? lol. You have neighbors, family, friends etc so I agree depression is probably hard to come by. However, it still happens albeit rarely.

Let me tell you someone that can help though, Jesus! See, you don't even need health insurance with Jesus, like you will with a therapist. Lol. Seriously though, just go online and search for messages by pastors, or read the bible yourself. Listening to, reading about God's promises, and the assurance of his love are really uplifting. I promise :-)


P.S: Notice how I have been on a roll recently, churning out posts upon posts. Hehe. That's because I don't bother planning what to write, I just do it. Yes, just do it! Whatever 'it' is.

*Face-me-i-face-you is a form of Nigerian architecture where a group of one bedroom flats have their entrances facing each other to form a compound with a main entrance leading into a square in the middle.- Wikipedia


  1. This is a hopeful message, the right message passed... God bless you dear.
    We can't change our parents, what they don't have they can't give to us.

    1. Wow, I love your response "What they don't have, they can't give to us." ah very apt! Hmmm. I believe that's even a response to the person I blogged about.
      Thank you, Beautiful Eagle for stopping by :-)