P.S; He Hated Her

I was making a mental note on my next post, when something occurred to me. I was going to put a "P.S; insert something here", then I thought to put an extra P.S but this time with "I Love You". You know, like the movie, "P.S; I Love you". Then all of a sudden, memories of that old, romantic movie came flooding into my head. What a horrible movie, I thought. At the time the movie came out, it was the best thing since sliced bread. If you watched that movie without shedding REAL tears--I'm talking about water works-wailing-kinda-tears--you have no heart.

However, in retrospect, what sort of a horrible person was that husband? How can you put someone you love through that painful ordeal. Okay, quick recap for those who don't know the movie.

  1. "When Gerry (Gerard Butler), the husband of Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank), dies from an illness, she loses the love of her life. Knowing how hard Holly will take his death, Gerry plans ahead. Beginning on her 30th birthday, she receives the first in a series of letters written by him, designed to ease her grief and encourage her to move forward to a new life." - IMDB

All the time she could have used to move ahead with her life and heal, she was receiving creepy letters from her already dead husband. Ewww.

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