Friday Reflections

1.) Thank God it's Friday

2.) Did you know there can be a human attempt to bring about the fulfillment of God's promise, and there can also be God's own fulfillment of his promise? I didn't know that.

3.) It's R's birthday today. We go wayyyyyy back, and we have too many memories together. I could never trade our friendship for anything in this world.

4.)"Transracial is not a thing. But Transgender is." Who makes these rules?  I find the #RachelDolezal story really weird. However, you don't get to pick. If you are going to let Caityln Jenner be whoever she wants to be, then Rachel Dolezal can ride on.

5.) Although, when you look at it Rachel actually needs help. This is quite a serious matter.

6.) In one of Chimamanda's recent speeches, she talked about the women and always wanting to be likable. According to her, you don't need to be likable.

7.) As someone who isn't always very likable, imma have to disagree Lol.

8.) So glad it's Friday.

9.) I really have to work on my social life...or maybe not?

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