WARNING: Picture Overload

I had a pretty good weekend summer-ring. I am going to define summer-ing as spending your time under an insanely hot sun, while sightseeing and pretty much exploring a city. That definition works. My sister and I visited three museums and a zoo this past weekend, in a 93 degree weather. We had a good time and took LOADS of pictures. So let's get to it. Shall we?
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw this.

Speaking of Instagram, I am really feeling the buzz these days and posting every second. Haha. Ok, more like everyday. Plus I decided to make my page public. I feel like it will probably be private again someday. But so far, nothing too crazy that it can be public. And I don't make it a habit of putting my location, except said location is a public place, like the zoo for instance. If you go to the zoo looking for one person, well, you will find hundreds, literally. 

That was at the Art and Science museum. I must admit, I was sort of bored there. My sister on the other hand was interested in seeing science-y things. She made us go all through the building just to see bones of dinosaurs. I kept thinking since we were going to see real animals at the zoo, why did we need to see their bones or molded animals. Bleh. It reminded me of an episode of Modern Family, where everyone followed Alex, the smarty pants to a gallery and they literally had to "escape" one after the other, because they were so lost and were afraid of looking stupid. I didn't have to "escape", I just told my sister that I wanted to visit the history museums instead. And since I called the shots, (haha!) she obliged!
who knew taking pictures was so hard? People kept photo-bombing

The almighty dinosaurs.

The world population in real time. It was literally changing by the second.
eek I took so many pictures. 
If I told you these pictures were not even up to half of all the pictures we took, you'd not believe. That's the truth though. It was hard picking which to upload and there were videos too(of huge pandas eating), but I couldn't get those up for some reasons. Oh the pandas were the highlight of my day. Also, my sister took all most of the pictures. So kudos to her for not only taking them, but also taking the time to send them all to me. She's more than a G! 

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