Friday Reflections

1.) "American children are growing up with no faith, no moral values, and no sense of right and wrong (because everything is good and okay now), and their understanding of a hero is Bruce Jenner. Meanwhile, the enemy lurks and plots against us." Vera NAILED it here

2.) "Everybody is winging it, some just do it more confidently."

3.) Thankful for my momma bear, poppa bear, brother bear, and sissy poo. They are my biggest cheerleaders, even when I consistently doubt myself.

4.) The first Republican presidential candidates' debate was yesterday and I enjoyed watching it. It's just, it's hard to convince people that Trump is not an undercover Democrat paid to sabotage the Republicans.

5.) I honestly have no idea how there are people who don't find politics interesting.

6.) Everything good will come.

7.) Will we ever fully understand the complex relationship between faith, hope, and the will of God?

8.) Doing while waiting.

9.) I just started watching Being Mary Jane; I want to be so irritated at that character, but then I realize that she is a representation of many black women. That breaks my heart so badly.

10.) May we never be so desperate that we beg a man—we’re not married to—to have his baby. Amen.

11.) "Very often...the outspoken women are painted as angry and bitter spirits. The outspoken men are praised as revolutionaries and heroes." -- Solange Knowles.

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