Friday Reflections

1.) Happy new year!

2.) Although I can be a cynic myself, I tend to find them really annoying these days.

3.) I think forgiveness is a really difficult and complex concept.

4.) Bones is quite an exceptional show, much better than Friends. Although I am not sure there is any basis of comparison, given how completely their genres are.

5.) Do you know there are job positions that require incumbents to be able to speak Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Arabic. I think that's extremely ridiculous.

6.) I un-followed this girl on Instagram recently. Everything she posted was always about money, getting more money, being a "boss bitch" etc. There has to be more to life than that, no?

7.) This year I am really watching out for time wasters.

8.) I'm really hoping to devote a lot of time to my blog this year: design, posts, etc.

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