Friday Reflections

1.) Since when did LinkedIn become a dating site?

2.) I'm currently discussing with my brother about how elitist Nigerians can be; people try so hard sometimes just to prove how better than other people they are.

3.) If the case was reversed, and current third world countries were actually first world countries, how welcoming of immigrants would they be?

4.) Do they pay folks to be mean on Internet?

5.) I took a very long hiatus from social media. On coming back, I immediately started thinking about taking another. I love social media a lot, but the people...the people. Sigh. Too much junk/toxic; my life felt so serene these past few weeks.

6.) I think it's really tacky to fall in love with your roommate (or flatmate as my European friends call it). I am not judging though.

7.) The Currys are so cute/adorable/totally amazing. Watch his MVP acceptance speech about his family. There's absolute nothing like a solid foundation built on God. What a beautiful family.

8.) Don't you just hate when you say you don't like something (food, place, movie etc.) and someone responds, "But you haven't even tried it."

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