Friday Reflections

1.) You know, I keep saying this: whoever is quiet or neutral in the face of injustice has chosen the side of the oppressor. Sheryl Sandberg, for all her feminism, might have chosen a side with her deafening silence.

2.) American University just named her first female president. We'll take shattered ceilings as they come. Lol

3.) If you ever feel in a rut at work or with your passion or in your marriage or just in your stage in life, listen to/watch "In His House" by Christine Caine.

4.) When your hair is getting fuller (yayyy) but which means more products...which means more money spent on buying products more frequently...which means...darnnn adulting can be hard.

5.) This past week was so busy, I couldn't keep up with my blogging schedule. I did not have a FR post last week.

6.) But I got through it like a G...with the grace of God. I feel like I have grown so much. There was a time I would have gone through this kind of week whining and complaining and just all round frustrated.

7.) Who is with me on shutting off every news alert?! Tired of all the breaking news.

8.) OMG! I did not know Pinterest could be so much fun. New addiction! So much for getting space from social media haha. Follow me

9.) Have a restful weekend. I know I will; it is well deserved.

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