Friday Reflections

1.) Check out this babe on fireeeeee. Lol. And I really love that she's Nigerian too.

2.) Perhaps I need to procrastinate in order for me to put out good work. Yes whatever makes me sleep at night.

3.) My awkwardness increases by about 100% around kids; I just don't know what to do with them. It doesn't help that I know nothing about cartoons/animated movies. The other day, I had to Google Dory.

4.) There is a brand new (not really though) couple; both of them are the latest Nigeria's sweethearts. Banky and Adesua...from a movie to reality. They almost literally broke the internet. It was HUGE. I gotta say, I'm like the most cynical human being, and even I was incredibly sentimental and excited for them when I heard.

5.) Well kept secret, plus it does seem genuine. I wish them well.

6.) "A stormy marriage and a svelte proposal in one week lol. Life is really a pot of beans." Someone made this comment this on a BellaNaija post on another celebrity's recently failed marriage. Life is truly usually an amalgamation of such contrasting realities. Well, I also wish Mercy Aigbe well.

7.) Ours is a culture of silence. Everything has to be hush hush, and the younger generation never learns anything except the silence that is passed onto us. So I'm glad she spoke out. If he (or SHE) is pummeling you; you have every right to fight for your life. Run. Leave. Survive.

8.) The more I find God, the more certain I am that I need Him.

9.)  [Almost] relieved. Certainly incredibly joyful to have crossed another hurdle. Progress is beautiful.

10.) UGH these men; I'm still irritated.

11.) Thankfully, we talk about the systemic oppression of black people in this country a lot. What is seldom talked about is the stereotyping of and blatant discrimination against Africans (or African immigrants) by African Americans.

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