On Substituting Fear With Love

One of my biggest fears is becoming jaded. And in this maddening world, it has never been easier to be jaded. Five minutes of reading tweets from America's president is enough to make you roll your eyes so bad, you almost convulse. Anyway, so as we all know London suffered a disaster this weekend when terrorists attacked, and left some dead with several others injured. This came just weeks after the Manchester bombing. So of course, it's a lot. And this kind of news tends to overwhelm people and sadly, terrify people as well.

But this most recent attacks did the opposite. Instead of cowering or submitting to fear, most people responded with love and strength, and just the kind of unity the terrorists could not have expected. As I watched Colplay perform Viva La Vida during the Manchester concert for the victims of the Manchester terror attack, I was renewed with hope. A kind that really is hard to define. What is even more beautiful is everything Ariana Grande has done since the attack. The maturity she has displayed, goodness! And what's MOST beautiful is seeing families of victims, amidst their sorrow and personal loss, charge everyone to not bow down to terror; seeing them insist that no one drastically alter how they live just because of some morons; seeing these people denounce terrorism, not the entire religion of Islam. Ha. Amazing. As soon as the attack in London happened, people who lived nearby went on Twitter to offer their apartments to strangers who needed a place to stay; "a cup of tea" or just "a couch to calm down", some said. Truly, truly kind.

Of course, there are the few who still love to use such vicious attacks to incite vitriol and hatred. But they can not and will not win. Because people have proven again that not only are we resilient, we will not succumb to fear. American news media in their love for hysteria kept talking about how Londoners were reeling, and how streets were deserted yidi yada. Londoners were like nah bruh, it's Sunday, we havin' a lie in 😀.  In fact the hashtag #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling consists of things that actually leave the British people reeling, as opposed to the terror attacks. Can you imagine how defeated the perpetrators must feel? Ha that brings so much joy to my heart.

I know many people are still somewhat tempted to blame Islam. But let me remind you that the REAL Muslims are fasting and praying and condemning these attacks. Some of such real muslims were the first to call the police yesterday. So please ignore those select few who weaponize  religion. If we can find a way not to condemn all Catholics when a few priests destroy the lives of innocent boys; if we can find a way not to condemn all Christians for the actions of the Ku Klux Klan; surely we can find a way to not vilify all Muslims because of the actions of a few morons.

In these times, beyond the love emanating on social media and from people generally, I also remember a love most important to me: God's love. I remember his words in John 16:33(NLT):

"I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world."

And these words give me all the peace I need.  It's not that He will overcome or that he may, it's that He already HAS overcome. What more do I need?



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