Friday Reflections

1.) Lena Dunham on her decision to have  a hysterectomy at 31.

2.) Katie Lowes on being a working mom on the set of Scandal.

3.) The wait is sexy.

4.) Is God male? Women in early Christianity.

5.) I have still not watched Black Panther. Yup, my black card needs to be revoked.

6.) If you are following Mo'Nique's story, and you are not biased, then you'd know there is some truth to her madness.

7.) I am not boycotting Netflix though, lol. I mean, they would have to do something egregious, emphasis on egregious, for me to boycott them.

8.) Well, hello March!

9.) What's up with the many goals you set this year? There is still time to get them done!

10.) It's my birthday in about 5 days. Yay?

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