Friday Reflectons

1.) This video on the perils of big data sent a chill down my spine because it is very plausible and it's something we don't pay enough attention to. And as someone who works with lots of data in a field where they are obsessed with data more than contextual analysis, it's even more worrisome.

2.) See some of the cruel lies parents told their kids to get them to behave. Hahahaha. It's funny because I can't remember my parents telling me any such lies. They were very frank with me, as in, listen if you don't study and pass, your life will probably suck lmao. Or get in there now and make your bed.

3.) I feel quite bad for saying this & will prolly regret it, but isn't it laughable to say Kepner is a character representative of devout Christians? *chuckles*

4.) And no, her recent crisis of faith is not the reason for previous line; we all have had a crisis of faith.

5.) Seriously though, we need representation in form of characters who love God fiercely, and yet are fallible, and are incredibly smart, but still unapologetic about God and life.

6.) Ooohh just remembered one (RE number 2). I hated vegetable stew (efo riro) as a child, so my mom and brother told me if I ate it, I would be strong enough to beat my brother in a fight. loool.

7.) One of my fave bloggers is back, I think.

8.) Articles like this remind me that I still don't [fully] understand some aspects of American culture. The article is quite poignant and incredibly fascinating. As far as I know though, the typical Nigerian parent wants their child to be exponentially greater than them in EVERY aspect. So they do everything to better your life without ever spoiling or over indulging you.

9.) A quiet exodus: why blacks are leaving white evangelical churches.

10.)  Watch Charlize Therone and David Oyelowo teach each other Afrikaans and Yoruba, respectively.

11.) BRB, I'm watching Wonder Woman

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