Totally Random

My Sister: What is the full meaning of atm?

Me: Automated Teller Machine.

My sister: Not  that one jor, social media abbreviation...

Me: *bursts into laughter* Ohhh...okay, 'at the moment.'

Was I a nerd in my past life? LOL. Because I am certainly not a nerd or anything remotely close to that, for that matter in this life. But sometimes, the way I take things seriously amazes me. I mean, she was right in front of the computer, probably chatting or something and the first thing I could think of was the actual abbreviation ATM. Ugh. I'm somehow. I better stop taking life so seriously, for my own sake and the sake of others.


  1. Ah its not a bad thing to be a nerd o...Most of the movers and shakers in this world have at one point in their lives being described as nerds..! Being normal like everyone else is boring

  2. Ha-ha! To think, I always thought being nerdy is the boring thing. Oh well...nerdy isn't that bad then. Thank you for stopping by. :)