March 30--Nigeria Has Decided.

Monday!! Before I get into today's gist, let me digress. Today's weather was really good. It was the perfect spring weather. I even took some awe of awe of God's admiration of God's creativity.
Sunshine :-D
Election weekend in Nigeria!!! Where do I begin to describe this past weekend? For one, Nigerians are now more aware of things. Gone are the days when we would be very indifferent and nonchalant. There was a time Nigerians would not even step out of their houses to vote. Last weekend though, Nigerians proved they had had enough. There comes a time in the history of a nation, when the people come together in unity for change. I heard it was a rainy day in Lagos, yet majority went out to vote, to prove that power belongs to them. I even saw pictures of very old men and women, step out (mostly aided by walking sticks or younger people) to vote. They are also concerned about the Nigeria they would be leaving behind.

At this stage, like I have been saying on all my social media, I am just glad that now those political leaders looting the nation will finally realize that the power belongs to we Nigerians.  The real victory belonged to Nigeria and Nigerians. Our voices have been heard. If any politician messes up, we will VOTE them out. 

The final results aren't even out, but I have to trust in and believe in the system. I have to trust that this system has not betrayed me or the other 169 million Nigerians. It is my hope that fellow Nigerians accept this too. I pray for a peaceful Nigeria. I am one of the many who was hoping the incumbent gets (got?) voted out. That also means I am one of the many people who received unnecessary insults, both directly and indirectly. I have tried throughout the entire process anyway, to remain as objective as possible. This was even more possible because I am not partisan, and I usually try to not be, instead I stick with a candidate I believe stands out based on his/her principles, commitment, values etc. Although, I don't have the slightest idea why anyone would want to support GEJ (except you have vested interests), I have tried nonetheless to respect everyone's individual opinions. That being said, the priority is Nigeria. I want Nigeria to win.

The announcement of the winner was scheduled for today. The process which would turn out to be very long, tedious and almost boring (thank God for Twitter) made many nervous. Even I did not think I would be as tensed, as I had been calm all weekend. Although the process will be continued tomorrow, today will go down history books in Nigeria as that day when all Nigerians stayed glued to watch history unfold. The truth is no matter who wins the election, the next four years...let me just say I leave those years in God's hands. Imagine my surprise when I figured some people were wishing the opposition failure (should he win) just to be vindicated. As someone on Twitter said, that is like cutting off your nose to spite your own face; you are only hurting yourself.

Again, I am glad this weekend happened. It was memorable. It was history. It was good. 

Here's to change!


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