How To Live a Life of Integrity Or The Integrity Checklist

Many people strive to be morally upright and God himself commands us to have integrity. And a lot of times, Christians often wonder and complain about not knowing what to do or not hearing from God. Well sometimes, he couldn't be any clearer. This is one of those times. Psalm 15 gives 7 different things on a checklist of integrity. I don't know about you, but there is so much perversion and evil in today's world that it really has never been more important. Not only are these things necessarily for life, but the Psalm prefaces them by asking who may dwell in God's place. The MSG says: "who gets invited to dinner at God's place?" Woah. I know I want in on that guest list. So I'm sure you do to. Check them out below:

1.) Those who lead blameless lives.

2.) Those who speak the truth from sincere hearts.

3.) Those who refuse to gossip or harm their neighbors or speak evil of their friends

4.) Those who despise evil/wicked/despicable people

5.) Those who keep their promises

6.) Those who lend without interest

7.) Those who never accept bribes

Short and simple. Yes I can be precise sometimes too. Yes, I throw shade at myself.


Thank God it's [almost] Friday.

Stay safe.



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