Friday Reflections

1.) What kind of a person ties their [fallopian] tubes for someone they are not married to? What is really going on in this world?

2.) And while the person above was basking in this foolishness, where was her family?

3.) A man with two baby mamas wrote a lengthy (and incoherent) post on Instagram, bashing a successful millionaire blogger for being unmarried. The content of his idiotic post is too vile for this blog. But yea, such chutzpah!

4.) Still waiting.

5.) In prosperity, your friends know you. In adversity, you know your friends.

6.) I think I recently gained about 5 pounds. Mothers have that effect :-|

7.) The pope said Churches should be more accepting of divorced christians, gays and lesbians. Perhaps, people would now stop lynching others for being gay.

8.) Speaking of, some of the most hostile people on social media are Christians.

9.) I read a post online by a FEMALE; according to her women can not and should not be equal with men. Look, the entire post just had me worried because she TEACHES young children. I'm worried she will tell the little girls they are inferior to their male counterparts.

10.) The rate at which the year is flying by is pretty scary.

11.) If anyone knows an effective way to learn a new language, please let me know. It's the one goal eluding me this year. UGH

That's all folks.

I hope this year has not been too bad. Have a great weekend!


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