To My Sister, On Her Birthday

My sister recently volunteered at a community program, where she and her colleagues spent a week building a house for a deserving family. At the end of the program, they did something I really appreciated even though I wasn't one of them. Each person wrote a personal note to the other 19 students they had spent the entire week with.  When she got back, I decided—in the name of being nosy knowing more about her—to  read all of my sister's notes. Frankly, there wasn't anything they said I didn't already know. Almost every single person described her as "caring", "kindhearted" and "always smiling". She really is all those things and more: genuine, patient, determined, gentle, and very intelligent. I'm not even saying these things because she's my sister. If she wasn't my sister, I would still want to be her friend. I have met MANY people in this life and my sister is one of my favorite persons.

You know, I have heard people say sisters are life's way of giving you ready made friends. I agree. I also know that while fate may choose your family, the choice of friendship ultimately belongs  to you. I have very GREAT girls as friends (I can't say this enough). I gotta tell you though that despite having the best girls as my friends, my sister's friendship still means the world to me. I like her subtlety and stealth. I like how she gives (in every way possible) relentlessly to those she loves. I love how caring she is. And I will never forget how she always took care of little children in our home church. She has taught me in many ways to be determined, to have a goal and stick with it; to be dogged; and to be focused. Hearing these, you may think there's just a couple of years in age difference between us. But I am MUCH older, like really much older; I don't think she would want her age on blast on the Internet lol. However, that's what makes it even all the more amazing. That someone her age can be such a gem.

I spent the whole of my christmas break at home with my family whining about not having a good blender, which I needed for my fit fam life and to basically survive. Good blenders are expensive and I knew I was going to have to buy one eventually anyway. But I didn't, I was just complaining. I'm notorious for complaining, especially to my siblings. Geezzz. Anyway, my sister was listening. Not only was she listening, she was plotting how to get me one behind my back. That's just who she is, that's her character; that's how thoughtful she is. Aren't I blessed to call her my sister and friend?

So here's wishing our little baby the best day and year ever. Here's praying that you grow in strength, courage, virtue, and wisdom.

To Love and Life!

Happy birthday sissy poo! You rock our world.

With Love,
A & I: your sibs!

Oh and it's certainly not too late to say #HappyNationalSiblingsDay.

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