When It Feels Like God is Quiet

This is pretty much something I feel like most Christians have gone through, and probably more than once too. Perhaps you have an important decision to make, or you just need direction in life, and everyone keeps telling you to pray about it. And you have, but...silence. You are not getting any answers. That can be real hard. My friend, Tomi made a video about this; so with her permission, I decided to share it below.

I will summarize some key points below, but you need to listen because she expatiates on how it relates to this topic. 

1.) God is a good father, who doesn't want you to fail (Matthew 7:11). Major key right here. 

2.) God wants the best for you.

3.) Go to God with points 1 and 2 above in mind.

4.) God speaks through diverse means

5.) Trust God completely (Hebrews 11:16).

Like she said in the video, my hope is that you find the answers that you seek and that you trust God to help you through whatever thing you may need his direction and wisdom for.



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