Friday Reflections

1.) Scandal. Scandal. Scandal. Scandal. So good, so shocking. I hope [spoiler] isn't dead!

2.) I usually don't care about spoilers but err let me be nice because this was huge.

3.) Haha I was just talking about praying for the healthcare situation yesterday; Jesus came through today

4.) Why don't people understand that it's ok to be a little less selfish. I mean, what's the big deal if you lose a little money or food or whatever just so someone else can get enough? How can we survive in a world that insists on everyone for himself?

5.) Grey's Anatomy featured a couple married for 60 years and who still wanted more time with each other; it was very beautiful. I mean, to love someone that much? I'm not usually sappy but that got me.

6.) Blogging is fun and all but it can be very time consuming.

7.) Alright folks, that's it for this week. See ya on Sunday!



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